The German Suzuki* Association

is at present the only institution world-wide concerned, in addition to Suzuki Teacher Training, with the development of new teaching materials.


The German Suzuki Association (Deutsche Suzuki Gesellschaft = DSG) is an association of instrumental and general education teachers, educators, parents and other persons working for the targeted support of children, adolescents and adults in the fields of art, especially in the field of music according to the method of Professor Dr. h.c. Shinichi Suzuki.

The DSG operates and promotes the Suzuki music schools and the German Suzuki Institute (Deutsches Suzuki Institut = DSI).

Founded in 1983, the German Suzuki Institute (DSI) was renamed in 1988 as a registered association under the name of the German Suzuki Association (DSG). The DSG is recognized as a charitable organization by the fiscal authorities of Sankt Augustin. The name of the German Suzuki Institute remained as a component of the German Suzuki Association.

The tasks of the DSG are among others to:

• promote the Suzuki pedagogy in Germany
• support the club members
• publish information materials such as teacher lists, event schedules, etc.
• organize the Suzuki Teacher Training Courses
• carry out and promote the DSI under independent artistic and educational direction

The tasks of the DSI among others are:

• content planning and implementation of teacher training in the Suzuki method
• research work in the field of music education
• development of new teaching materials
• to foster international exchange of experience between teachers
• to ensure quality standards and promotion of the German Suzuki Association’s purpose


Our Chairperson
Dr. Ingrid Schlenk,
Pianist and Pediatrician

Our chairperson Dr. Ingrid Schlenk, pianist and pediatrician


Our Deputy Chairperson Kerstin Wartberg,
Director of the German Suzuki Teacher Training Institute



* Note concerning the name Suzuki

In Germany the name Suzuki in the music education sector is no longer protected by trademark law and may be freely used by ANYONE. This was decided by the Federal Patent Court on 2nd July 2013. Contrary reports are invalidated by this supreme court decision, which can no longer be challenged.
Further information is available from the office of DSG.