Kathrin Averdung, Violin


Studied with Professor Koji Toyoda at the Berlin Hochschule der Künste, successor of Shinichi Suzuki at Matsumoto, and with Ruggiero Ricci at the Salzburg Mozarteum.
She has been a member of the Dortmund Philharmoniker for many years; and she not only trains Suzuki teachers and students, but also teaches her own five sons to play the violin.


Margherita Biederbick, Violin


After her studies she gave concerts throughout Europe as a chamber musician (Athena Quartet). At the same time she discovered her passion for teaching. She completed her Suzuki teacher training with Kerstin Wartberg and Isabel Morey Suau and founded the Suzuki Violin School Berlin in 2014. Due to her wide range of experience as a professional violinist, she is equally qualified to teach beginners and advanced students.


Mike Hoover, Violin

Weinstadt near Stuttgart

Regularly organizes popular workshops. The former physician has been an enthusiastic chamber musician for many years. He teaches a large Suzuki group with students from Pre-Twinkle until the advanced level, works as teacher trainer and lecturer on conferences and translated numerous publications by the German Suzuki Institute (DSI) into English.


Veronika Kimiti, Violin and Viola

Ingolstadt / Munich

Hungarian by birth, she joined the Philharmonisches Orchester Regensburg as a violinist for ten years following graduation.
Being an enthusiastic music pedagogue, she set up an excellent Suzuki group for violin and viola at the Montessori school at Ingolstadt.

Veronika Kimiti trains many teachers in Germany and Hungary and organizes concerts with her students, making the group known also outside their sphere of activity, even in distant Hungary.


Isabel Morey Suau, Violin


Isabel Morey Suau’s outstanding Suzuki group Camerata Academica has been in existence for 20 years, enjoying an excellent reputation. With the aim of promoting their comprehensive personal development, children and young people from different cultures and of differing musical ability and social status are integrated into groups. These groups have produced prize winners of competitions like Jugend musiziert, Rondo Wettbewerb, and music school competitions.

The Camerata Academica was awarded the Ruta Stiftung prize as well as, on two occasions, the Rote Kreuz-Plakette in silver. They gave numerous concerts at home and abroad. Several composers were inspired to dedicate to this group their music “made-to-measure”.

Isabel Morey Suau is an active teacher trainer in Germany and in Spain.


Sergej Simkin, Violin


Is a certified Suzuki violin teacher, instructor of theDSI for the teacher training program and CML teacher.

He studied at the national Tschaikowsky-Musikakademie in Kiev and gives violin lessons according to the Suzuki method at Musikpunkt.Nürnberg. There, he also directs and supervises the Violin Practicum for teacher trainees.

Erika Umanez, Violoncello


Studied in the Ukraine at the Michail Glinka-Konservatorium at Dnepropetrowsk.
Since 1996, cello teacher at the music school “Wolfhager Land”, and since 2010 cello teacher at the Kassel and Hofgeismar music schools.

Runs a class of 40 cello students.
Guest lecturer at national and international Suzuki workshops in Germany and abroad.

Qualified Suzuki cello lecturer.

Teacher Trainer for cello.


Kerstin Wartberg, Violin and Viola

Is one of the few teacher trainers who studied with Professor Dr. Suzuki over a period of several years and graduated at the Talent Education Institute in Matsumoto/Japan.

She is the author of many publications on violin pedagogy and published among other material the only comprehensive string method world-wide, pointing out the individual teaching steps of the Suzuki violin program in written and audio form, and authorized by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.

Since 1982 Kerstin Wartberg is director of Suzuki teacher training in Germany; she has initiated and manages the International Music Teachers EXchange – IMTEX – and the digital IMTEX library.


Arjada Hasanaj, Music & Movement

Rimini / Italy

Arjada Hasanaj graduated in violin and music education from the Academy of Arts in Tirana / Albania.
After her graduation she studied with Kerstin Wartberg and graduated from the German Suzuki Institute.

Today she is a Teacher Trainer at the German Suzuki Institute for “Music & Movement” and teaches in Germany, Italy and on an international level at “International Music Teachers EXchange”.
She has also recorded a video series for the Step by Step materials.
Arjada lives with her family in Italy and runs her own studio for violin pedagogy and “Music & Movement” in Rimini.


Constanze Wurzel, Violin


Studied with Professor Dr. Suzuki at Matsumoto, and has been working as a Suzuki teacher for approx. 25 years. She is closely involved with integrating our method into the primary school teaching program. She also runs part-time courses based on the Italian so-called CML Method aimed at preparing the introduction of the Suzuki method to pre-school education.