An Introduction to Successful Practice

Violin Exercise Books with Companion CDs for Suzuki Students of Books 1-3

The only comprehensive string method world-wide, pointing out the individual teaching steps of the Suzuki program in written and audio form, and authorized by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.
  • Suitable for individual and class instruction.
  • First violin method world-wide using the three tempi approach.
  • Imaginative and exciting new piano arrangements by David Andruss.
  • Information for parents, and countless practice tips.
  • Suitable for Suzuki as well as for traditional violin students and teachers.

The STRAD, world-renowned classical music magazine for string players, wrote:

“This fascinating series of tutor books is closely based on the Suzuki Violin Method. The series is suitable for teachers well versed in the Suzuki method, but will also be of interest to those coming to it fresh, because of Wartbergss detailed notes.

I liked the useful advice for teachers and parents, … and the descriptions of some effective technical exercises, which all looked great fun. The quality of the CD performances is good, with some interesting sound effects and drum rhythms that are sure to engage younger players… “

Jan Dobbins

Listen and Look Inside!

The CDs include pieces from the Suzuki Violin School as well as important preparatory exercises and additional pieces in various tempi.
Listen to the example audio files (here only in low quality):
Volume 1A Track 2: The First Twinkle Rhythm with Drum
Track 6: Rhythm with Three Fingers
Track 34: The Theme with Rests before the Third Finger
Track 44: The Grasshopper Exercise (Preparatory Exercise for “Song of the Wind”)
Track 45: Song of the Wind – in performance tempo (Violin and Piano)
Track 46 Song of the Wind – in a slow practice tempo (Violin and Piano)
Track 47: Song of the Wind – in a medium practice tempo (Piano Accompaniment)
Track 48: Song of the Wind – in performance tempo (Piano Accompaniment)
Volume 1B Track 48: Gavotte (Second Section) – in a slow practice tempo
Volume 2A Track 9: The Bell Song (Tonalization) in G Major
Track 28: The Bell Song (Tonalization) in G Minor
Track 15 The Happy Squirrel (Three Violins and Piano)
Track 41: Bourrée, G.F. Handel – in performance tempo (Piano Accompaniment)
Volume 2B Track 13: The last four measures with STOP after each triplet group (Preparation for “Witches’ Dance)
Volume 3A Track 8: Marionette Dance in Third Position (Preparatory Exercise for Shifting)
Volume 3B  Track 2: English Canon
Track 53: Paganini Motion


Example Pages

Vol. 1A
In volume 1A the left page shows the exercises and pieces
in a finger-pattern notation.

Vol. 1A
On the right page all exercises and pieces
appear in normal musical notation.
Track 43: A Major Scale

Vol. 2B
Violin Gymnastics

In all volumes you find
different practice possibilities:
slow practice tempo / medium practice tempo / performance tempo

Vol. 2B
Listen to the audio file:
Track 10: Witches Dance – Slow Practice Tempo

Vol. 2B
Extension of the fourth finger
Preparatory Exercises for Lully Gavotte


Vol. 3A
Listen to the audio file: Marionette Dance – Shifting Exercise

Vol. 3B
Preparatory Exercises for Bach Bourrée