STEP by STEP, Volume 1A

The future success of a student depends greatly upon the teacher’s ability to effectively teach the fundamental principles of violin technique in the early stages.

We will introduce you to the publications of Kerstin Wartberg, with an emphasis on the Step by Step series (Alfred Publications) and My First Technique Book (ISTEX MUSIC PUBLICATIONS). Valuable for both Suzuki teachers and traditional violin teachers, these works include technical studies, preparatory exercises and supplemental repertoire.

We present new and creative ways to teach technique, musicianship and sound quality to young children.

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I. Bow Distributions in Volumes 1A & 1B

In STEP by STEP, volumes 1A and 1B, you will find for each of the pieces a summary of suggested bow distributions. These are recommendations only and do not need to be followed dogmatically. The tone quality is always more important than a strict observance of bow distributions, with the following differentiations:

  1. For a student with an uncertain and uncontrolled bow technique, pieces requiring the use of larger bows should first be played with less bow.
  2. The acquisition of the characteristic bow division should definitely be strived for at a later stage of development.
  3. After the student has gained confidence through repeated playing of the pieces, he or she will be automatically more free and refined with the bow distribution, and will often play with more than the indicated amount of bow.

For the first songs, the teacher should place two different-colored stripes on the stick of the bow.
The higher stripe should be placed in the middle and the lower stripe at the balance point (approx. ¼-point) of the bow.
Starting with the piece Go Tell Aunt Rhody, one more stripe will be needed. It will be placed at the ¾-point of the bow.
Here, the bow is illustrated as seen by the parents while the plays.

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Violin – Vol. 1A: MP3 files from the Step-by-Step series
by Kerstin Wartberg

Rudolf Gaehler (violin) – David Andruss (piano) – Gino Romero Ramirez (djembé)

This download contains the complete set of all 70 MP3 files.

Piano Accompaniments of the Step-by-Step series
vols. 1A & 1B – EASY VERSION

by David Andruss

These piano accompaniments are related to the STEP-by-STEP series
but are suited as well for many pieces of the SUZUKI VIOLIN SCHOOL.

II. My First Technique Book

My First Technique Book with a Streaming Audio Album is directed towards both non-Suzuki beginners and Suzuki students in Books 1 through 2. It will introduce students to the world of violin technique in a thorough and, at the same time, enjoyable manner.

  • For most of the pieces, David Andruss has composed piano accompaniments, making the practice of even a scale or an arpeggio into a musical experience.
  • Furthermore, teachers and parents will find numerous suggestions about presenting these exercises with variety and imagination in a playful manner.
  • The book includes red, yellow and green smiley stickers. A list at the end of the book has spaces where these stickers can be placed for each exercise. This will provide a clear overview of the student’s progress. Here you can DOWNLOAD the list.

Below you will find exercises and songs suitable for students in STEP by STEP, vol. 1A.


HERE you find more information about the STEP by STEP series, volumes 1A – 3B.




Level 1A (mainly exercises for the left hand)

2 5 Left hand pizzicato with the 4th finger

4 6 The Quick-Change Artist
8 9 The First Finger-Dance on the A String
9 10 The Second Finger-Dance on the D String
12 19-25 Roller-Coaster Songs: The First Finger Pattern

18 42 Snow and Wind (3rd finger and open string)
26 53 A Major Scale with Rests (Preparation Technique)
29 55 A Major: Run my Little Doggy! (Velocity)
30 56 Riddle-Scale in D Major (slow)
30 57 Riddle-Scale in D Major (performance tempo)

III. Music for Mixed-Level String Ensemble

The Happy Squirrel

This download contains the following PDF files:
5 Violin parts * Piano part * Full score


  • Very easy (Pre-Twinkle)
  • Easy (Suzuki Books 1 and 2)
  • Advanced (Suzuki Books 5 or 6 & up)

English Canon

This download contains the following PDF files:
7 Violin parts * Piano part


  • Very easy (Pre-Twinkle)
  • Easy (Suzuki Books 1, 2 and 3)
  • Advanced (Suzuki Book 7 & up)

The cuckoo and the donkey

This download contains the following 9 files:

5 Violin parts * Piano part * Full Score *
MP3 file piano accompaniment – practice tempo

MP3 file piano accompaniment – performance tempo
(PDF, 14 pages and 2 MP3 files)


  • Very easy (Pre-Twinkle)
  • Easy (Suzuki Books 1 and 2)
  • Intermediate (Suzuki Book 4 & up)
  • Solo (Suzuki Book 3 & up)

IV. Articles and eBooks for Teachers and Parents

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