A little Christmas gift for YOU!

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to all members of the German Suzuki Association,
our friends, colleagues and supporters!

Sculpture of an angel playing violin (1728-32) at the high altar of St. James‘ Church in Ljubljana (Slovenia) by the Venetian sculptor Francesco Robba (Photo: Rudolf Gaehler)

Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713)


MP3:  Concerto grosso op. 6/8, „Christmas Concerto“

Rudolf Gaehler & Kerstin Wartberg, Violins
Tobias Kunst, Organ


MP3 & Sheet Music
(see below the different instrumentations 1-5)

With Arrangements for Strings

and Piano or Organ ad lib.

by Kerstin Wartberg


1. Arrangement for 3 Violins
2. Arrangement for 2 Violins & Viola
3. Arrangement for 2 Violins & Cello
4. Arrangement for 2 Violins & Piano or Organ

5. Parts for violins I / II / III, viola, cello

39 Comments zu “A little Christmas gift for YOU!”

  1. Dear Kerstin,
    Thank you very much! Fantastic idea, amazing gift!
    Merry Christmas!

    Suzuki School in Tychy, Poland
    Ela Wegrzyn

  2. Susan M. Ford sagt:

    How beautiful!
    This music really touched my heart.

    Thank you for posting this!

  3. Heather Moger sagt:

    Thanks, Kerstin – how lovely and uplifting!

    I’m very used to enjoying playing that on recorder, of course, and your recording brings back memories of the many times and places I have done so.

    Heather Moger x

  4. Kathrin Averdung sagt:

    What eternal harmony:
    This beautiful sculpture and this great modest music by Arcangelo (!) Corelli.

    Thank you for these moments of inner silence.
    You can feel the message of Christmas and be amazed …..

    Merry Christmas
    Kathrin Averdung

  5. Jennifer Shannon sagt:

    What a beautiful arrangement and performance… thanks so much for this very kind and thoughtful gift! My students will love playing this, and it’s very helpful to have the different instrumentation possibilities.

    Many thanks again!
    Merry Christmas
    Jennifer Shannon

  6. Lea Marshall sagt:

    Kerstin, What a LOVELY gift!
    Thank you so much!
    My studio teams up with Charles Krigbaum’s studio here in N. Dallas, Texas, USA.
    We play a beautiful Christmas concert at a Sr. home every Dec.
    I assure you this will be on our playlist next Christmas!!!!

  7. Maggie Backmeyer, Florida sagt:

    Thanks for such a delightful gift .
    Strings to my heart !!!!

    Maggie Backmeyer

  8. Mary Findley sagt:


    Mary Findley
    Levine School of Music, Washington

  9. Ilona Telmany, Denmark sagt:

    Thank you so much for the nice sounding Corelli.
    I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    Lots of greetings

  10. Daniela De Vingo-Rapidy sagt:

    I would like to thank you very much for your fantastic present: it’s very kind and appreciated!
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a excellent New Year in music and harmony!

    Daniela De Vingo-Rapidy (Suzuki France)

  11. Pavel Spacek, Czech Republic sagt:

    Many thanks for a nice Christmas present.

    I stayed registered because I wanted to order from germansuzuki website some time ago but the system did not function successfully.
    In the end I ordered from Alfred UK and we have all the volumes of Step By Step and My First Trio Book. My daughter loves your books, we are in 1B and will get probably to 2A in early summer.
    We are not yet at the level of your Christmas gift but we will get there and we look forward to publishing Step By Step 4A (if planned) and Enjoying Violin Technique.

    With Best Wishes for Christmas and Happy New Year,
    Pavel Spacek
    Suzuki parent (probably the only one) in the Czech Republic.

    Dear Pavel,
    Thank you for your friendly words. It seems that you are a pioneer in the Czech Republic. If you have any questions or if you need some help, please let me know.
    There is one point I would like to clarify:
    There will be no STEP by STEP, vol. 4, but there is another series helpful for students in Suzuki Book 4 and up. It is called
    Recital Training, volumes 1, 2, 3 (3 is not published yet.)
    Edition Peters
    Volume 1 is suitable for students in Suzuki Book 4.
    Volume 2 is suitable for students in Suzuki Book 5.
    Volume 3 is suitable for students in Suzuki Book 6.
    Please find some information here: http://en.germansuzuki.com/?page_id=197

    The repertoire ranges from Baroque solo concertos to foot-stomping fiddle pieces and includes pieces for one, two and three violins, predominantly with piano accompaniment.
    All of the pieces found in books 4-6 of the Suzuki Violin School are included in these volumes.

    Dear Pavel, I wish you and your family all the best!
    Kerstin Wartberg

  12. Dr. Mariana Dimitrova, Washington sagt:

    Many thanks for the delightful present! It’s a wonderful addition to your published works, which are in great demand at my studio.

  13. Costanza Biagini, Suzuki Italia sagt:

    Thank you so much!!!!
    A Merry Christmas to you too!!!


  14. Elisabetta Casapieri sagt:

    Thank you very much for your wonderful present.
    A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you too!

    Scuola di Musica Giuseppe Bonamici
    Pisa, Italy

  15. Chatchai sagt:

    Thanks for this beautiful music!

    Chatchai from Thailand

  16. Marcella Campagnaro, Istituto Suzuki Italiana sagt:

    Grazie di questo dono, lo suonerò sicuramente durante questo Natale con i miei figli.


  17. Dear Kerstin
    This is a really nice gift, thank you very much
    We are going to play it next year with our string orchestra.

    Best wishes and happy new year
    Shinobu Saito (Teacher Trainer from Brazil)

  18. Andrea Hudson, Calgery Suzuki Strings Association sagt:

    Thank you Kerstin! I’m performing the trio with two of my senior students in church today!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!


  19. Paula E. Bird sagt:

    Thank you! What a lovely gift!

    Paula E. Bird
    Texas State University
    Wildflower Suzuki Studio

  20. Teresa M. Skinner, Pukalani - Hawaii sagt:

    Mahalo nui loa, and MELE KALIKIMAKA!!!
    (= Thank you very much and MERRY CHRISTMAS!)

  21. Liebe Frau Wartberg,

    Vielen Dank!
    Und die besten Weihnachtwünsche aus Argentinien!

    Andrea Quiroz

  22. Todd Ehle, Texas sagt:

    Hi Kerstin!
    Thanks so much for the link, and the email.
    Sounds great!


  23. Lisa Chodorowski, violin and viola teacher in Woodstock, Illinois sagt:


    Thank you so much!

    Merry Christmas!


  24. Lilli Gatti sagt:

    My personal résumé of this action and all the reactions is:

    What a beautiful arrangement and performance…
    This music and especially your playing really touched my heart.
    Together with this wonderful sculpture it gives an idea of eternal harmony.

    My students will love playing this. It is very helpful to have all the different instrumentation possibilities.

    I agree with Mariana Dimitrova from Washington: “It is a wonderful addition to your published works, which are in great demand at my studio.”

    Thank you so much for this very kind and thoughtful gift which is appreciated by so many persons from all over the world. I found comments from Poland, USA, Germany, Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Great Britain, Brazil, Thailand, Hawaii, Argentina and Italy.

    This great resonance made me thinking: Why are so many persons reacting?
    Dr. Suzuki gives us the answer in his book:

    What is man‘s ultimate direction in life?
    It is to look for love, truth, virtue,
    and beauty.
    Shinichi Suzuki

    Many thanks again!
    Merry Christmas

  25. Dear Kerstin,

    Thank you very much for such a thoughtful gift!
    Best wishes to you for a happy and healthy 2013!

    Thank you again, and Merry Christmas!

    All best,
    Marissa Murphy
    Director, Washington Suzuki Strings
    Washington, DC

  26. Janece Milos, Amsterdam sagt:

    Dear Kerstin,

    How lovely! Thank you kindly for sending this thoughtful gift out – much appreciated.

    Wishing you the best of this season and a wonderful 2013!

    Best regards,

    Janece Milos

  27. Carol Gwen Kiefer sagt:

    Fröhliche Weihnachten, Kirsten!

    Thank you for the lovely Arcangelo Corelli arrangement to share with my students. A special Present, in the literal sense. Your efforts touch the hearts of my students and their families. Arigato.

    Happy, Healthy, and Peaceful 2013!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family,

    Washington Crossing Violin & Viola Studio, Washington Crossing, PA

  28. Oluwafemi Paul Eniolorunda, Lagos, Nigeria sagt:

    Merry Christmas Kerstin, I really appreciate your gift from the German Suzuki Association.
    Thank you so much!

    Suzuki Teacher from Lagos, Nigeria
    Trained by Kerstin Wartberg

  29. Eduardo Ludueña, Buenos Aires sagt:

    Thanks Kerstin and friends from Germany!
    The best for the next year 2013!

    Eduardo Ludueña

  30. That was beautiful! And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

    Elizabeth Kane
    Durham, North Carolina

  31. André Augenstein, Suzuki Violin Teacher (Dublin) sagt:

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year for all.

    André Augenstein
    Violin Student (International Suzuki Association) in Germany 1987
    Violin teacher (International Suzuki Association) in Dublin since 1995

  32. Christopher Souza, Pennsylvania sagt:

    Dear Kerstin,

    On behalf of my studio, thank you, thank you, thank you! Merry Christmas! I love all of the materials you have released. We use all of them here in Pennsylvania!

    Stay Warm,

  33. Trudy Byron-Fahy, Violin Teacher Trainer, Cork, Ireland sagt:

    Thank you Kerstin for your kind gift.
    I look forward to using it next Christmas at our annual charity fundraiser.
    I hope you have had a peaceful Christmas!

  34. Thanks, Kerstin!

    I hope you, too have a great year.
    I will go and play this music.
    Thanks so much!

    Rigo Murillo

  35. Sven Sjögren, President of the Swedish Suzuki Association sagt:

    Dear Kerstin,
    Thank You for the lovely music and Your kind thought.

    I wish You a
    and a
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!


  36. Heikki Puukko, Kouvola, Finland sagt:

    Submitted on 30.12.2012 at 19:59

    Herzlich Dank !

    This was a very nice, practical and pleasent Christmas gift . I admire Your huge energy to bring new ideas and useful books to our international Suzuki – family ! I wish You a Happy New Year !

    Heikki Puukko
    Suzuki teacher (violin and viola)

    Pohjois-Kymen musiikkiopisto
    Kouvola, Finland

  37. Dear Kerstin,
    Thank you so much for your beautiful and thoughtful Christmas gift. The arrangements are so nice to have. Your generosity is so much appreciated and extremely inspiring.

    The whole German Suzuki Association website is also wonderful!!

    Warm wishes for a wonderful 2013.

    JoAnn Haasler, Violin/Viola
    Haasler Studio for Strings
    Milwaukee String Quartet
    Camerata Milwaukee

  38. Luiza Volpini, Suzuki Brasília sagt:

    Querida Kerstin,
    Obrigada pela sua generosidade e organização deste material!!
    Eu uso e agradeço com admiração!


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