Ukrainian Suzuki Association in severe hardship

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Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, I have been in close contact almost daily with Nataliia Koptienkova, the director of the Ukrainian Suzuki Association, as well as other music teachers in Ukraine.

Nataliia has remained in her home country and from there organizes opportunities for her refugee students to find safe shelter, continue their music lessons, obtain musical instruments, and much more.

Most of the Ukrainian Suzuki families and their teachers, our colleagues, have lost everything, their homes, their kindergartens and schools, and of course the music schools. Most of the theaters and opera houses have been destroyed and everything that made up their former lives no longer exists.

But their hope for peace, freedom and a future worth living has not yet died.

When I learned from Nataliia in which places Ukrainian Suzuki students and teachers arrived in Germany after their escape, I contacted the teachers who live in this region.
Without exception, all these teachers spontaneously agreed, without any ifs and buts, to help these people in a selfless, exemplary way and to help the children, their mothers and the teachers.
Here I would like to mention only the names of our members who agreed to share their names:

Kathrin Averdung
Margherita Biederbick
Julia Brühne
Dorothea-Friederike Gruppe
Mike Hoover
Luise und Annelie Kopp
Tanja Kull

Christiane Lause
Uta Mehlig
Daniela Mickail
Silvia Orza

In a very short time, instruments were provided free of charge or the payment of a loan violin was taken over. Furniture, computers, printers, sheet music and household equipment were also donated.

The teachers of the German Suzuki Association teach the Ukrainian children without fees and support the families in every possible way.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all these colleagues – as well as to those not mentioned by name here! They are proof that empathy and unselfish commitment are alive and truly in our association.

Kerstin Wartberg

In mid-February 2022, the world seemed to still be fine:

Festive concerts in magnificent halls, with children proudly presenting their musical talents

In mid-April 2022, this world did not exist anymore.

Ukrainian soldiers report from Irpin:

These children had been hiding in a cellar for days.

At first they were very afraid to come out of their hiding place until they heard that we spoke Ukrainian.

The children were dirty, scared and hungry, but despite all this, some of them could still smile when they saw us.

House of Culture in Kyiv after the Russian invasion

Natalia Didykina writes a few days ago:

Today it became known that our guitar teacher MYKOLA TALALAYEV died at the hands of the Russian occupiers ….

I can describe him as follows: A really good, sensitive, empathetic person, a great teacher and guitarist and a TRUE PATRIOT OF UKRAINE!!!!

It is impossible to accept the violent death of a loved one. It is even more difficult to find comforting words, and impossible to reduce the pain and despair when the heart of a loved one stops beating.

Dear Mykola,
our wonderful memories of you will always shine brighter than the horror of your death!



  • Greetings from Hexham, a small town in England near to the Scottish border. I am a Suzuki piano teacher who together with other friends in the community would be happy to host Ukrainian people wishing to travel to safety here. Get in touch for more information!

  • I have been looking for Suzuki students in the The Netherlands. So far no results. I teach in the Hague and would like to welcome Ukrainian families in my groups. Does anybody know of any such family in The Hague? Welcome!!

  • Marcella Trentacosti says:

    How can I help?

  • Janne Williams says:

    Hi. I’m a Suzuki Flute teacher in Sydney Australia. I would like to send a curved head joint flute to a student who has lost theirs due to this dreadful attack on Ukraine. Also happy to teach via zoom, as many students that need help. Pls contact me when the time is right. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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