Our newly designed Media Library is ONLINE!

By 05/08/2020NEWS

Dear IMTEX colleagues and DSG members,

We are very excited to let you know that the updated version of Online Media Library is now online with a completely new look, essential technical improvements and, above all, many new innovations in its content!
Our Online Media Library was established in 2004, but over the last 16 years technology has developed so quickly that an upgrade was absolutely necessary.
In addition, the worldwide pandemic has shown how helpful it is for teachers and students to have access to well-structured, digital teaching materials to support their online teaching. With this update of the Media Library we are able to provide easy access to all materials, both for streaming and downloading.

In the video, Charles Krigbaum will take you on a tour of the Online Media Library and show you the most important updated areas and features.

We want to express our sincere thank you to all our colleagues and friends who have contributed to enriching the Online Media Library with their material and performances:

  • David Andruss
  • Kathrin Averdung
  • Sharron Beamer
  • Eva Belvelin
  • Ulla Benz
  • Paula E. Bird
  • Kamolmas Charoensook
  • Heidi Curatolo
  • Neil Fellows
  • Claudio Forcada
  • Rudolf Gaehler
  • Christine Wilson Goodner
  • Arjada Hasanaj
  • Dr. Peter Heitkämper
  • Helen Hines
  • Michael Hoover
  • Sue Hunt
  • Kyungik Hwang
  • Lisa Marie Ikegami
  • Florin Iliescu
  • Ji Young Iliescu-Lee
  • Joachim Johow
  • Beatriz Junco
  • John Kaboff
  • Veronika Kimiti
  • Charles Krigbaum
  • Brian Lewis
  • Jenny Macmillan
  • Carolyn McCall Catalano
  • Margaret Mehl
  • Silvia Migliorini
  • Isabel Morey Suau
  • Susan Moses
  • Polyiam Palitponganpim
  • Susanne Patitz
  • Alba San Quirico
  • Jonathan Reök
  • David Rodriguez Toledo
  • Gino Romero Ramirez
  • Sergej Simkin
  • Jeffrey Solares
  • Erika Umanez
  • Daina Volodka Staggs
  • Martha Yasuda
  • Janine Zillmann
  • Mimi Zweig

We sincerely hope that the Online Media Library will be helpful and support you—especially in these challenging times—on your personal musical journey.

We wish you all the best!

And please stay healthy!

Kerstin Wartberg with the entire Media Library team


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