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Enjoying Violin Technique

Intermediate Level:
Basic Exercises with Piano Arrangements by David Andruss
Volume 1
Print book, 80 pages, with CD & Digital Download
ISBN 978-3-946872 00 9

The first volume of Kerstin Wartberg’s violin technique series is directed towards intermediate violin students. Almost 100 exercises, 75 with piano accompaniment, are grouped into 10 detailed sections:
1. One and Two Octave Scales & Arpeggios (1st – 6th positions)
2. Shifting Exercises (based on the Ševčík System)
3. Scales & Arpeggios on one String (based on the Flesch System)
4. Three Octave Scales & Arpeggios
5. Playing in High Positions
6. Intonation Exercises
7. Soundpoints
8. Vibrato
9. Basic Trill Exercises
10. Double Stops

Enjoying_ISTEX_Titel.inddThese sections are illustrated with numerous instructional photographs and enriched with practice suggestions from famous violin pedagogues.

Quotations from Dorothy DeLay, Simon Fischer, Carl Flesch, Ivan Galamian, Jascha Heifetz, Itzhak Perlman, Otakar Ševčík, and Shinichi Suzuki will provide valuable insights and give students opportunities to learn from “the great masters.”

Another key to success are the lively piano accompaniments by David Andruss. They are highly motivating and encourage students to practice in a more focused way. As a result, their quality of practice will increase remarkably and they will make significant improvements, especially in intonation, rhythm, quality of sound, and ease.

As valuable as this material will be in individual lessons, these musical exercises will also add a new dimension to group classes.

Kerstin Wartberg, violin pedagogue, Suzuki specialist, translator of Simon Fischer’s standard literature into German, and author of several violin method books, has created a new pedagogical concept with this series, one that will be of great benefit to violin students and their teachers.


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