Violin Teacher Training Courses in Mallorca, May 2015


Our gorgeous conference venue


During four days, nearly 40 Suzuki teachers from Argentina, Austria, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Poland,  Spain and Venezuela came together. It was a really wonderful time with much concentration, joy and harmony. The hotel and its conference rooms were absolutely suitable for us. The food was fantastic: first-class catering with a very rich and varied buffet.

The view of the sea and the pools is amazing. All our participants loved this hotel and we booked it already for next year.

22-23 March 2016     Individual lessons
24-27 March 2016     We offer five different teacher training courses:
Suzuki books 1B / 4 / 6 / basic violin technique / supplementary repertory.

Because these courses from 24-27 March 2016  take place at the same time, you can participate only in ONE of them.

Best Price Guaranteed

Our participants and their family members will get the lowest possible price
if they book until 31.12.2015.

For our teacher training courses it was the ideal conference place.

The conference participants thanked the hotel management for their great support by playing a serenade during the dinner in the hotel restaurant.


Sheet music of the arrangement for 3 violins (16 pages)
Violin 1
Violin 2
Violin 3

Johann Sebastian Bach: Concerto for 2 violins in d minor, 2nd movement – Arranged for 3 violins by Kerstin Wartberg​

We worked together in several small groups:
book 1 / book 3 / book 7 / Supplementary Repertoire.
Here, you will get an impression of our daily routine.





Pre-Twinkle exercises – fun not only for children
Suzuki writes in his book „Natured by Love“:
Starting children off with the fun of playing a game, letting their spirit of fun lead them in the right direction, is the way all education of children should be started.


The first 10 teaching steps for a young violin student

English Translation: Dietmar Paul Roehrig
Short description: Introductory Lessons for Pre-Twinklers

1. Positioning the feet, and making a bow
2. Holding the bow
3. Holding the violin
4. First Twinkle Rhythm
5. String crossing from E to A & Rhythm on A
6. Left hand posture & positioning the fingers
7. Preparation technique & the rhythm with three fingers
8. Expanding the tonal range
9. The first Twinkle variation
10. We all play the Twinkle variation and the theme



Spanish-Egyptian friendship



Small group book 1 with participants from Egypt, Germany, Poland, Spain and Venezuela.



Repertory class with participants from Austria, Germany, Italy and Spain.



Small group book 3 with participants from Argentina, England, Germany and Spain.



Let us work together for the benefit of students around the world!
It was wonderful to see that all teachers had a strong desire to learn profoundly about the Suzuki method.





Still fresh and happy after a long working day!



The beautiful nature of Mallorca – only some minutes away from the hotel.




The Early-Bird Online Registration will be opened in June 2015.
If you want to bring your family or friends with you, we can offer them best prices for this period as well.

Please contact us as soon as possible because our contingent is limited.

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