Memorandum of Association

In 1983 Dr. Suzuki delegated responsibility to the German Suzuki Association (our former name was Deutsches Suzuki Institut). Please see the valid document, the Memorandum of Association, signed by Dr. Suzuki. It was written in German by Waltraud Suzuki.

Here you find the English translation:


I hereby acknowledge the DEUTSCHE SUZUKI INSTITUT as being the sole institution competent in Suzuki pedagogy in Germany.
I transfer the following tasks to the DEUTSCHES SUZUKI INSTITUT:
a) Teaching Children
b) Teacher training and examinations – in collaboration with the ESA
c) The DEUTSCHE SUZUKI INSTITUT should be in permanent contact with the Talent Education Institute in Matsumoto for the purpose of forwarding and transmitting new insights into and developments in Suzuki pedagogy to Germany.

London, 6 April 1983

Shinichi Suzuki