Piano Teacher Training

Ruth Miura (on the right) with Dr. Suzuki and Kerstin Wartberg

From May 2009 on, piano teachers have the possibility to train as Suzuki Piano teachers in Munich, Germany. The training is designed to enable professional piano teachers to teach by the Suzuki Method.

The training is tailored for both Suzuki „newcomers“ (Level 1) and Suzuki trainees of Levels 2-5.  In a positive and relaxed atmosphere the participants familiarise themselves with the basics od the Suzuki Method (Level 1) respectively continue their studies (Levels 2-5). The course director is Ruth Miura (Barcelona).

Lessons will be held at weekends to allow teachers and university extra-occupational respectively extra-curricular attendance, and follows the guidelines of the European Suzuki Association (ESA). Each of the five training levels can be completed by an ESA exam, and demands a certain amount of registered lessons and observation units as soon as attendance at Suzuki Workshops. To avoid time pressure and allow individual learning speed for each participant, exams dates will be agreed individually.

Contents of Suzuki Piano Teacher Training

1. philosophical background of Suzuki pedagogy
2. ear training
3. tone production
4. memory training
5. structure of individual and group lessons
6. teaching by memory
7. development of piano technique
8. music reading, music theory and sight reading
9. the psychology of teaching young children
10. parent training
11. building up a Suzuki Studio


Participation Conditions

  • Participants must have a university degree in Music or be studying music at conservatory.
  • Specific interest in working with children, incorporating parent training Attendance at audition
  • Mastery of the Suzuki repertoire (Volume 1 and 2)
  • Listening to Suzuki CDs (Volume 1 and 2, recording by Haruko Kataoka)
  • Reading the available Suzuki literature, eg:
– Shinichi Suzuki: Nurtured By Love
– Alfred Garson: Suzuki Twinkles: An Intimate Portrait
– Shinichi Suzuki: Ability Development from Age Zero
– Haruko Kataoka: My Thoughts on the Suzuki Piano School
– Haruko Kataoka: My Thoughts on Suzuki Piano Technique
– Shinichi Suzuki: How to Teach Suzuki Piano


English (other languages will be used as necessary)