Workshop in Altleiningen, Germany in June 2016

Date: 3rd to 5th June 2016
Location: Burg Jugendherberge Altleiningen, Germany

In this workshop there are about 65 students from Mannheim, Speyer, Heidelberg, Worms, Grünstadt and other cities. The workshop is designed for students in book 1 (Pre-Twinkle) up to book 8.

Following Suzuki teachers are coming

Ditte Barth, Janine Zillmann, Heidi König, Liana Mogilevskaja, Max Paetzold, Olga Nodel, David Rodriguez Toledo, Gino Romero Ramirez, Viktoria Burjakovskaya, Bradly Johnson, Andrea Quiroz

The main topic of this workshop is “dance”. Many dances from the Suzuki books are part of the program as well as additional pieces like Tangos or Irish dances.

There are still a few places of to participate. Until March 16 you can register with the registration form you find below.
We invite the whole family: parents, brothers, sisters can play in the “familyorchestra”.

Registration form: CLICK
More details: CLICK

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  • Linde Brasem says:

    Good morning,

    We like to register for the violin workshop 3-5 march. But we have a question.

    We come from the Netherlands and our children can only speak Dutch and English. Will the teachers all speak English or German? If English, we like to register:
    Annabelle van Dijk 20-11-2007 now Becker book 3
    Eline van Dijk 06-09-2010 now Becker book 3

    Teacher Johannes Lievaart, Utrecht

    We like to hear from you!

    Kind regards,
    Linde Brasem

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